Laser show and fireworks

Laser projection can make a firework even more spectacular. Here’s how lasers can be used to complete fireworks

Laser mapping on a football field for dfco

Laser mapping on a football field offers a unique visual experience and adds an extra dimension to the football game.

The projection of emblematic elements of the football club draws the attention of the audience and the television viewers.

Music video with Saad Lamjarred

The music video ADDA ELKALAM of Saad Lamjarred, one of the rising star of the oriental music industry,  came to public attention thanks to its innovative laser effects. These effects add an original visual dimension to the music video and created a futuristic and captivating atmosphere.

Laser effects for Porsche publicity

Do not let your event go unnoticed! Thanks to our laser Beam Bar from Laser World you will create unique laser effects. Beam Bars are easy to install, versatile and completely programmable.

Live special effects for a tv dinner

Lasers can be used to create live special effects which make artists performance dynamic and highlight events in any entertainment segment. Laser effects can be live or programmed. When projected on a film set, laser effects have a visual impact on shootings, dance shows or music videos

Spectacle laser et feux d’artifices

La projection laser sur un feu d’artifice peut créer un spectacle visuel encore plus spectaculaire. Voici comment les lasers peuvent être utilisés en conjonction avec un feu d’artifice