Light & sound

Our light projectors

Our projectors operate using 4-in-1 LEDs. The colors include red, green, blue, and white. There are 24 LEDs, each with a power of 10W. The machine features automated programs and a DMX control system.

Electrical consumption per projector: 250W.

Dimensions: 200 x 430 x 185mm.

Projecteurs led par Lasermov

Light projectors

Light projectors LED

laser prime 27 watts par laser movement

Light projectors

Light projectors Prime 27w 

Sound equipment

Our sound system kit combines a compact design with high-level audio performance. The assembly consists of subwoofer enclosures and amplified speakers.

Allow yourself to be amazed by the impressive sound of this sound system!

We also provide a wireless microphone and a mixing table.


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