Laser mapping

Laser mapping

As a version of laser effects, laser mapping makes it possible to draw on the volumes of a building or an object by tracing its contours and details with a laser, so as to highlight it. Laser mapping thus plays with lines and edges to precisely and dynamically illuminate the building or object on which it is projected.

It can be, for example, a public monument or a private residence as well as a statue or a vehicle. A unique technique, the artistic approach being the key to the success of your project led by LASER MOVEMENT, pioneer of laser mapping in France.

mapping laser au Marteau Pilon par Laser Movement

Laser mapping

Inauguration at Creusot

Laser mapping

Mapping on a cathedral

Illuminate buildings

LASER MOVEMENT, which perfectly masters laser mapping, can also combine this illumination technique with video projection or LED projector lighting, all perfectly synchronized by timecode.

Enhance the architecture of a building, project your logo or graphic elements of your event, there are many possibilities offered by laser mapping. With LASER MOVEMENT, rest assured of a successful, vibrant and modern laser mapping.


We had the pleasure of participating in the "HUBForum" conference at Maison de la Mutualité in Paris.

Laser mapping on a football field offers a unique visual experience and adds an extra dimension to the football game. The projection of emblematic elements of the football club draws the attention of the audience and the television viewers.

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