Lollapalooza - Festival & Stage Live Laser Show

Lollapalooza Festival

Lasers are now an essential element of music festivals shows. They contribute to a captivating and immersive atmosphere for festivalgoers.

Here’s how lasers can be used during a festival :

  1. Scenography and decor : lasers can be used to create stunning scenography 
  2. Live or timecoded laser animation : laser projection is synchronized with music and stage performance to create unique moments. We send a laser operator specialized in live control who will work closely with the artistic team to produce the show.
  3. Laser mapping : it consist of projecting images or animations with lasers. It allows to create dynamic projection on buildings or any structure, and also optical illusions, which will amaze festivalgoers.


Security is key : when producing a laser show it is essential to ensure the audience safety; to do so you must call on qualified professionals. If you decide to call on us, we will send you a trained security laser operator (all our operators receive training by an organization specialized in laser security). We install laser projectors in accordance with current laser regulations and we ensure the show audience safety.

Laser effects

Lollapalooza Festival

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