Music video with Saad Lamjarred

The music video ADDA ELKALAM

The music video ADDA ELKALAM of Saad Lamjarred, one of the rising star of the oriental music industry,  came to public attention thanks to its innovative laser effects. These effects add an original visual dimension to the music video and created a futuristic and captivating atmosphere.

The use of LAARIS system by Theo Dari, a laser display device unique in the world, allowed the artist contour detection and its projection by the laser.

Laser effects were integrated in harmony with the choreography and the general aesthetic of the music video under the direction of Hakim Ghorab.

Laser projector : Phaenon 5500 16W RGB + LAARIS system 

Laser Designer : Antoine Dupré


Laser effects

Music video with Saad Lamjarred

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